Liberty and Justice for All



While I am brand-new to this district I've resided in Johnson County my entire life, except for my time at K-State. Since earning my Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering I've interned with my student industry for a year and have worked as a quality engineer in the area for the past four years.

Outside of work I am deeply involved in Providence Community Church, I have volunteered with Mission Southside to help a community in need before it was pushed out by gentrification, and I currently plead with clients outside Planned Parenthood with offers of aid and adoption whenever I can.

In fact, I was at Planned Parenthood when I heard about the shooting at the school where my mom works.  She was unharmed, but she heard the gunshots.  My friend at Planned Parenthood and I prayed desperately to God as I struggled through the traffic of evacuating families to await my mom's return at my parent's house.

Tragically, despite what the traffic might tell you, the biggest difference between those parts of my day is that nobody died in school that morning.

 In late April I knew I had to stand up for the children in our state. The children kept safe from abortion-minded mothers are brought into adulthood by public schools with a subpar understanding of how and what to teach them, and then burdened with ever-increasing taxes to fund a ballooning state budget.

District 17 needs a representative who will protect our children today and lay the foundation for their future. Can I count on your vote in the Republican Primary on August 02 to work towards this?



These priorities are how I want to work towards my vision:

  • Equal Protection for the Preborn: The time has come for our state to protect children from their moment of fertilization in the same way the state protects you and I.  I will work to ban abortion and tightly regulate abortifacient drugs to their healing uses.

  • Teaching Children How to Think: Kansas schools have lately thought it best to prepare the next generation for the future world by teaching them to navigate today’s work environments, from see-and-say language learning to popular theories of evolution to transgenderism.  I want our public schools to teach our children how to think by giving them tools like phonics and the scientific method, not what to think. 

  • Promoting Private Education: I want to honor our state Constitution's demands to adequately fund our public schools, but not at the expense of families who choose to educate their children elsewhere.  These families should be allowed to use their education dollars for enriching their own childrens' educations, without any strings attached.



The Republican Primary is on Tuesday, August 2nd. Below are some key dates and important information regarding voting:

July 12th - Deadline to Register to Vote (Click here to register) 

July 13th - Advance Voting by Mail Begins
July 16th - Advance Voting in person Begins
August 2nd - Election Day!

Dates for the General Election will be posted after the primary. 

Advance Voting Information- Click here for information on how to vote in advance in Johnson County. 

If you have any questions about your ballot, please contact the Johnson County Election Office.

Image by Laura Gilchrist


I need your financial support to share my vision for liberty and justice for all with my district through palm cards, mailers, roadside ads, and other media.  I can accept up to $500 from each contributing individual and business before August 2.  Will you help me spread the word?